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The Friess Lake School District will continually strive to be a safe and student-centered culture that is recognized for innovation.  
The Friess Lake School District understands the need for collaboration of parents, community, staff and students when making decisions and will enable students to be goal-oriented and successful in a wide variety of academic, social, personal, and creative areas.

Programming Options

Parents frequently ask us, “What is Friess Lake School going to do to meet the needs of my academically gifted child?”  While we are proud of the programming options we have available for all of our students, I’d like to take an opportunity to provide an answer to the question by focusing on this year’s 8th grade class.  

Why the 8th graders?  It was obvious from the time they entered our system that this was a group with exceptionally strong academic skills, so it is instructive to examine how they’re doing as they prepare to exit the system.  Their progress, or lack of progress, is a reflection of our entire school.

MATH:  Over half of our 8th graders are currently taking high school math courses at Hartford Union HS.  As you can imagine, one doesn’t just show up in 8th grade and enroll in a high school math course; the preparation for that possibility begins in the early elementary grades with challenging and differentiated instructional opportunities.  Students taking 8th grade math here at Friess Lake are also doing quite well, and we expect many of them will eventually work their way into higher level/honors math classes at the high school level.   

ENGLISH:  HUHS allows selected 8th grade students to bypass English 9 if they can pass a rigorous 10th grade English placement test.*  

    •    Friess Lake had seven students take the test, six passed and the other just narrowly missed.  

    •    A total of 63 students from across the K-8 consortium took the test, and 30 met the benchmark to be placed directly into English 10.

    •    The pass rate for Friess Lake students was 86% (6 o/o 7).

    •    The pass rate for all of the students in the consortium was 48% (30 o/o 63).


There’s more data that also looks good, but I think this is enough to highlight that our 8th graders are performing at a high academic level as they leave our system.  They have high scores on our internal assessments, high scores on publicly available standardized assessments, and high scores compared to other gifted students in the consortium.    

Our students deserve credit for their hard work.  Good old fashioned hard work will always be one of the cornerstones for success!  A supportive group of parents is also essential.  A Friess Lake staff that is willing to modify and adjust curriculum and schedules in order to meet the needs of students is also part of the equation. 

“What is Friess Lake School going to do to meet the needs of my academically gifted child?”  The same types of things we’ve been doing for a long time!



*Since this note was originally drafted, HUHS has made a curriculum modification and these students will be in an Honors English 9 course instead of English 10.  The numbers listed above still hold.


Camp Invention 2015

Friess Lake School is excited to host Camp Invention!
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June 15-19, 9:00-3:30. Learn more and register today at http://www.campinvention.org

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